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How to enable the services#

Bluetooth first needs to be enabled on a micro:bit to be able to connect to it using Bluetooth.

This can be done in MakeCode or by copying one of our pre made .hex files to the micro:bit. In MakeCode you can choose which services to enable, and combine it with your own custom program.

The micro:bit v1#

The micro:bit v1 has too little memory to enable all bluetooth services. If you try to enable them all, after copying the hex the micro:bit, the LED display wil show a sad face and then scroll 020, this means the micro:bit is out of memory. See also: the micro:bit error codes


A project with pairing disabled ("No pairing required") is the easiest to work with:

The disadvantage is that anyone can connect with the micro:bit over Bluetooth, because it is not needed to be paired to it.